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Modifications & Modernisations

There are many ways to increase your productivity. It doesn't always have to be an investment in a new machine. Increase your uptime and reduce downtime with one of our innovative modifications or modernisations.

We would be happy to offer you the appropriate electrical or mechanical solutions and bring your machine up to date with our sophisticated technology.

We also offer altnerative heating combinations.
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Energy Tower

Energy Tower 7000

Your Benefit: Recover up to 30% waste heat to use it for your thermal system.
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ECO Booster

Your Benefit: Save up to 35% energy costs thanks to the integrated heat recovery system
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ECO Applicator

Your Benefit: Save energy with less residual moisture after the liquor application
35% less liquor pick-up than with padder
35% less drying energy
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Stop & Go

Stop & Go Device

Your Benefit: Exact plaiting improves the quality of the goods
  • Reduction of fabric curling
  • Increased fabric content in J-box possible
  • More exact fabric position in J-box
  • Improved fabric run behind J-box
Kluppenöffner Umbauten

Modification clip opener

Your Benefit: Reduce downtimes by reducing wear on the chain deflection points and at the same time ensure a quieter working atmosphere.
Glue Flue

Glue Flue

Your Benefit: Increase fabric transport speed and improve fabric quality. With the help of a Glue Flue sevedge dryer, your fabric can be protected from overdrying.
Maschinen PC-HMI

Machine PC / HMI

Your Benefit: Bring your HMI up to date. Replacement of the machine computers with our new 19 inch compact PCs with OS Windows 10

Frequency Converters

Your Benefit: Bring your machine up to date technically and reduce downtimes.

Choose from 3 options:

  • Economic
  • Business
  • Ultimate
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