Sustainable technologies with benefits for the customer

ECO technology

ECO technology
With constant new and further developments in the field of ecological and sustainable technologies that also offer a concrete economic benefit for the customer, Monforts is continuing to defend its long-established leading position on the world textile finishing markets. Find out here about our innovative processes and complete solutions so that you are fit for the future.
ECO-Technik | Econtrol


The single-stage dyeing process using reactive dyestuffs that has asserted itself worldwide. Dye quickly, cost-effectively and environmentally responsibly using the Econtrol process.
ECO-Technik | Econtrol T-CA

Econtrol T-CA

Single-bath dyeing with reactive and dispersion dyestuffs for PES/CO without reductive intermediate washing. Save chemicals, water, energy and time using the Econtrol T-CA process.
ECO-Technik | MXL


Iron-free finishing in record time. With the Monforts MXL® process, the treatment time is reduced from more than 20 hours to 3 minutes.
ECO-Technik | Eco Denim Line

Eco Denim Line

Monforts range combinations make your denim finishing line even more cost-effective and eco-friendly. Special Monforts know-how for high-speed denim ranges with tandem arrangement of the rubber belt shrinkage unit.
ECO-Technik | Interknit Line

Interknit Line

The ideal non-stop finishing line for knitted fabrics. Relaxing and compressive shrinking without the use of synthetic resins.