Supporting the textile technologists of tomorrow

A. Monforts Textilmaschinen, world-leading supplier of textile dyeing and finishing machines, is continuing to provide support to the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Niederrhein) located in Mönchengladbach, Germany, home to the company for nearly 140 years.

Having backed the University’s German Scholarship Programme (Deutschlandstipendium) since 2010, Monforts is granting scholarships to three students in the running student year 2022/2023. Wilm Scharlemann, Head of Human Resources, underlined Monforts‘ commitment to young talents: “One of our top priorities is finding well-qualified and dedicated staff. That is why we have been supporting the University’s scholarship programme since its beginning.“ He went on saying that Monforts provides opportunities for young talents and students studying for Bachelor or Masters degrees – with the goal of joining the Monforts team in future.

Nicole Croonenbroek, Marketing Manager at Monforts, specified: “Each of our textile machines is unique and designed according to the customers‘ special requirements. Young talents are often surprised when they hear of the many opportunities that a company like Monforts can offer. Our market is no longer just about textiles for clothing. The textile world of today covers airbags, blood filters, smartphone components, sun blinds, medical bandages or automotive headliners.“

Apart from its commitment to students at the Hochschule Niederrhein, Monforts is celebrating fifty years of membership in the Assocation of German Textile Experts (VDTF – Verband Deutscher Textilfachleute e.V.) – a pool of excellence in the textile finishing industry.

“Textile finishing in Germany has been strengthened through the VDTF association’s work. Some 65 supporting companies and approx. 850 members have created links to textile research centres at the universities in Aachen, Moenchengladbach and other places“, says Thomas Päffgen, Area Sales Manager at Monforts and former member of the VDTF’s Management Board for many years. Jonas Beisel, one of Monforts‘ textile technologists, delivered a well-received lecture on the company’s integrated heat recovery and exhaust air system MonforClean at a VDTF meeting. “The VDTF is a great source of inspiration. Getting in touch with other experts in the textile finishing research business, company visits, lectures and informal meetings are an excellent opportunity for fruitful exchange.“