Short-term Special Offer for Inspection Contract

Inspection of your Monforts Machine: for orders placed by December 16, 2022 we offer 15% discount on labour costs of inspection and 5% discount on spare parts ordered from this visit.


The aim of an inspection is to check and log the current condition of a machine, to carry out the necessary maintenance work together with the customer’s staff and to avoid or minimize machine malfunctions or machine downtimes through suitable preventive measures.


  • Correct and careful technical inspection of the respective machine for function, operability and safety-related defects
  • Checking the maintenance status of the machine
  • Carrying out all necessary maintenance work in accordance with the Monforts maintenance instructions, together with the customer’s personnel
  • Correction of minor machine defects on site, if this is possible with the available resources. Otherwise recording of the necessary wearing or spare parts.
  • If desired, a parallel training/instruction of the customer’s maintenance staff will be carried out

Language:  German, English

Price:         EUR 800 per calendar day, plus travel costs, hotel charges and daily allowance

As an option to the maintenance contract, we offer a thermographic inspection of the machine and the control cabinets using an infrared camera. This is used to determine heat and energy losses on the machine and for preventive maintenance/checking of the electrical/electronic components in the control cabinets.

The thermographic inspection is offered both for Monforts machines and for third-party machines and is invoiced separately at EUR 1,200 per machine.

The evaluation of the thermographic measurement takes place after our technician returns to Monforts. The respective customer receives a separate report including IR photos about the findings.

We are happy to negotiate inspection contracts that include several regular visits by a service technician once a year / optionally twice a year. With regard to pricing for such contracts, please contact our service management.

In the event of machine problems, we promise our contractual partner that a technician will be available at short notice for a separate charge, provided that a maintenance contract has been concluded.

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