Say hello to the Monforts denim expert during ITA

During the Innovate Textile & Apparel (ITA) virtual textile machinery show which is running from October 15-30th 2020, Hans Wroblowski will be very pleased to meet you.

Hans has advised on and overseen the majority of the major dyeing and finishing plants which have been installed in the key manufacturing countries of Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Pakistan and Turkey in recent years.

He is a processing and engineering expert with long experience, who has travelled very widely throughout the key denim-producing countries and worked closely with many Monforts partners to develop advanced solutions in this field.

“Differentiation is the key in the highly-competitive denim fabrics industry, whether that is through the successful incorporation of new fibres, accommodating new fabric constructions or the many options for how to treat them at the finishing stage, to gain a market advantage,” he says. “We work closely with our many denim partners to develop advanced solutions and the latest of these is the CYD yarn dyeing system, based on the proven Econtrol® dyeing system for fabrics*.

“CYD integrates new functions and processes into the weaving preparatory processes – spinning, direct beaming, warping and assembly beaming, followed by sizing and dyeing – in order to increase quality, flexibility, economic viability and productivity. The system has been developed in response to a very strong market demand and I look forward to discussions on the possibilities it opens up.

“During the ITA, I’d like to offer some concrete solutions and potential alternatives to existing product ranges for which there may be less demand, because the retail fashion sector has been hit so hard by Covid-19. Our technology portfolio allows users to be extremely versatile and to respond quickly to market demand, while also allowing very short production runs. Let’s talk!

Contact Hans during the ITA via:

* Econtrol® is a registered mark of DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH, Germany.