Digital twin capability now available for Monforts machines

Monforts will demonstrate a range of new advances made possible by Industry 4.0 techniques at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, from June 20-26.

At stand D101 in Hall 2, visitors will discover the possibilities of ‘digital twin’ capability – now being made available for all Monforts machine systems – and that by exploiting the latest advanced sensor technology, comprehensive technical machine data can now be virtually mapped in the cloud in real time. 

The data can be easily accessed using the new Monforts Smart Support and Smart Check apps for an instantaneous status overview.

All specifications relating to machine performance and the production process can be mapped, to enable vastly simplified and targeted analysis for controlled planning and production. Insights harnessed from such analysis can be used to optimise the actual production process.

At the same time, potential sources of error can be anticipated and eliminated, enablingimproved machine availability while considerably minimising downtime.

Parts prediction

In addition, the digital twin system provides information on the individual wear parts of a system, such as, for example, converters or gears. 

 “Operators and mill managers are informed by Smart Check sensors when maintenance or the replacement of key components will be required, well ahead of time,” explains Monforts Vice President Klaus A. Heinrichs. “Direct access to the integrated Monforts webshop allows users to instantly order such parts when they are needed, virtually preventing machine downtime.”

On request, Monforts can also virtually monitor machine performance and pro-actively alert customers to the need for preventative action. In such cases, however, data is only ever called from the cloud by Monforts when customers have given their full consent, in the interests of data security.

Data from Smart Check, for example, can even be used to analyse a system’s energy requirements, allowing machine operation to be optimised by tailoring production runs to the peaks and troughs of electricity costs.

Remote maintenance assistance

At present with Smart Support, customers can also contact Monforts service via smartphone or tablet, in order to access support on site via a remote visual link. Monforts service specialists can point out individual system parts on the customer’s smartphone and assist them in troubleshooting. Documents such as machine documentation can also be shown in real-time via white-board over a smartphone, tablet or office PC. 

 “The Monforts digital twin system and apps are being made available for all of our machine ranges going forward and will make the operations of our customers considerably smarter, and at the same time, simpler,” Mr Heinrichs concludes.